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Web Application Assessments

Web Application Assessments

There are new exploits for web applications every day. Are you testing for these weaknesses? Unlike other firms, we don’t just run automated scans. We always test your web applications manually, using advanced techniques that require expertise beyond most attackers’ capabilities.

Attacks against web application servers made up nearly 75% of breached assets in 2019, up from roughly 50% in 2017, the DBIR report found. Organized crime groups undertook roughly two-thirds of breaches and 86% of breaches were financially motivated.

Web applications are the primary focus of many cybercrime gangs engaged in data breaches, a primary security concern to retailers, according to the 2020 Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR) recently released by Verizon, in its 13th edition of the report.

Below are common datasets that hackers obtain from vulnerable web application.

  • Privileged system accounts, including administrators

  • Bank accounts and other financial accounts

  • Regulated data, including PII, PHI and credit card information

  • Intellectual property, including corporate secrets, plans, reports, blueprints and other valuable assets

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