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Security Awareness

Security Awareness

Do your employees have the knowledge required to spot a sophisticated phishing email? Phishing ranks as the second most expensive cause of data breaches. According to IBM, a breach caused by phishing costs businesses an average of $4.65 million. This cost can be broken down into several different categories, including:

  • Lost hours from employees

  • Remediation

  • Incident response

  • Damaged reputation

  • Lost intellectual property

  • Direct monetary losses

  • Compliance fines

  • Lost revenue

  • Legal fees


Humans are often the weakest link in your information system security. Employees and customers are constantly bombarded with phishing attacks designed to trick them into clicking on malicious links, downloading malware, or giving out confidential information.


Fortunately, Inception Security™ offers services that will allow you to safely and effectively train your staff to resist social engineering attacks and track your company’s performance through routine social engineering testing and statistical analysis of the results.

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