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Advisory Services

Advisory Services

Are you concerned about the security of your business's sensitive information and critical systems? Look no further than Inception Security™ for ongoing advisory services to help identify vulnerabilities, build your security program, and enhance your security posture. Our team of cybersecurity experts has a wealth of experience working with both Fortune 100 companies and small to medium-sized businesses.

Our team will work with you to identify the top cybersecurity threats to your organization and evaluate the risk level, providing actionable recommendations to reduce risk.

Investing in cybersecurity services is essential to safeguarding your business's sensitive information and critical systems. With Inception Security™, you can rest assured that you are working with experienced cybersecurity professionals who will provide you with high-value, impactful recommendations to improve your security posture and reduce your risk.

Plan 1

  • Tailor security measures and guidelines. 

  • Engage in discussions with top-level management. 

  • Develop a strategic plan for the cybersecurity program. 

  • Fill out a Security Assessment Questionnaire. 

  • Examine and offer feedback. 

  • Supply tools and assistance for compliance activities. 

  • Organize  cybersecurity penetration tests. 

  • Gain an in-depth knowledge of your IT and security setup to offer professional advice on best industry practices. 

  • Execute an initial security evaluation to identify weaknesses and areas for improvement. 

  • Create a security project plan tailored to the identified shortcomings. 

  • Continuously understand the intricacies of your business operations and goals. 

  • Handle Security Questionnaires from your clients and assist in addressing their inquiries as necessary. 

  • Deliver a Weekly Summary Report detailing progress, challenges, etc. 

Plan 2

This package builds upon everything offered in Plan 1 and adds: 

  • Regular configuration checks 

  • Ongoing monitoring of your digital presence and associated risks. 

  • A detailed monthly evaluation of your cloud security stance, focusing on architecture, permissions, and entitlements. 

  • A dedicated specialist to aid your sales process, addressing any security or compliance queries from potential clients. 

  • Provision of authoritative advice on various security topics, regulations, and strategies. 

  • Development and refinement of policies and controls to match the requirements of your chosen compliance frameworks. 

  • Strengthening of your internal compliance framework, including the implementation of new procedures. 

  • Working closely with your marketing team to improve promotional materials and messaging about security. 

  • Examination and enhancement of existing security awareness materials, creation of new content in collaboration with your team. 

  • Analysis of your current architecture, data flows, and tool integrations, followed by suggestions for improvements. 

  • Regular security team meetings, involving management, to discuss ongoing issues and strategies. 


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