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Incident Response

Incident Response

Are you experiencing an incident? When you are under attack, many questions are going through your mind. Among these questions, the ones that will stand out are how did this happen, do the hackers still have unauthorized access to your environment, how can this be prevented in the future, and how can your business be operational again. Through this process, we will answer the questions you have.
Our incident response team will guide you through the entire incident response process. Our team has been head to head with many threat actors facilitating the attacks that make the headlines. As a result, we understand the techniques, tactics, and procedures the threat actors use to get into your environment, move laterally throughout your environment, and how they maintain access. Throughout the engagement, we will identify, contain, and eradicate the threat from your environment. Finally, after we complete the incident response, we provide recommendations to improve your security posture. 

From investigation to crisis management, Inception Security's incident response team helps resolve all aspects of cyber breaches with industry-leading expertise. Incident response is about foresight; it is about anticipating the hackers' moves and devising countermeasures to stop them in their tracks.


Rely on us 24/7/365 to handle:

  • Breaches

  • Intrusions

  • Ransonware

  • Malware

  • Employee investigations

  • Fraud

  • Business Email Compromise

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