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About Us


We Provide High Quality Cyber Solutions...

Inception Security™ is a cybersecurity consulting organization committed to helping your business prioritize what matters to reduce risk. Our team has industry experts that have worked in many information security disciplines. We understand that small and medium-sized businesses face the same problems as large businesses but do not always have the staffing to focus on the controls that enhance the organization's security posture.

We offer services that will help you understand your attack surface, advisory services to help you build and enhance your security program, managed detection and response, security awareness training, digital forensics, and incident response. As cybersecurity threats continue to become more sophisticated and complex, trying to keep up can mean falling behind. Strengthening your cybersecurity posture requires extreme foresight into when, where, why, and how attacks will occur.

Are you experiencing an incident? When your organization is under attack, it can be frightening and impact your business operations. Let the team at Inception Security™ identify, contain and eradicate the threats from your environment. We are experts in incident response, incident recovery, and digital forensics. We have handled many types of incidents and have been toe to toe with many hacker groups facilitating the attacks that make the headlines.

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