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What are Access Controls

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

Access controls are a security technique that determines who or what may view or utilize resources in a computing environment controlled by a particular policy. Below is a list of Access controls used to minimize risk in businesses and organizations.

Types of access control:

  • Physical access control: It limits access to Campus buildings, rooms, and physical IT assets.

  • Logical access control: It limits access to computer networks, systems, and data. Therefore, an enterprise must implement access management practices to align with industry best practices.

Access management best process:

Centralization: A centralized identity management solution is a good approach, and companies should think about implementing a system that centralizes the view, control, access, and governance over users' identities.

Role-Based Access Control: As the name indicates, role-based access control limits the employee permissions to just the data they need for their position in the company. For example, an accounting department individual cannot access marketing department data due to role-based access control. As a part of security, it is the organization's responsibility to create defined roles and the respective permissions required to perform the tasks expected of them in their department.

Zero Trust Identity Security: It is different from other management practices because users need to verify their identity through multiple checkpoints. The organization network and database constantly ascertain the identity of the user.

Least Privilege: It is like the Role-based access control, but the main focus is on the initial permissions. After that, employees should only access the sites and resources they need to complete their job processes, according to the Principle of Least Privilege.

Automated Onboarding: The onboarding process takes the burden from the IT team as with the usage of automatic onboarding in businesses; we can see whether the employees are going on the right path and using the correct permissions.

Orphaned Account Detection and Removal: When employees leave the enterprise, their accounts are unseen and ignored for the long term. Due to this reason, it has become more accessible for hackers to get access to your accounts and steal sensitive data.

Multifactor Authentication: As hackers can easily crack passwords, enterprises must set multi-factor authentication as part of access management best practices. When more steps are involved in getting access to accounts, it raised the complexity required to facilitate some common attacks.

Access right management software/Tools: As broken access control vulnerabilities are shared, some access management tools are available that ensure the user can access only restricted parts.

Crashtest Security Suite: This software is best to reduce the risk of hacking through API or Web development as it provides a continuous testing process. Moreover, these tools also offer vulnerability reports and advice on fixing them.

HDiv: This system uses an information flow control system that allows HDiv to show which user can access which resources.

Immuniweb Discovery: AI-driven testing is used to reveal vulnerabilities and a company's dark web presence. It also assists in the prevention of supply chain attacks.

PortSwigger/Burp Suite: This popular security application provides automated scanning to fight against the zero threat and determine the effect of Broken Access Control attacks on web servers.

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