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Importance of EDR

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR)

A critical task for most organizations has become setting up advanced threat protection as cyberattacks have skyrocketed and become more sophisticated. Starting with a robust endpoint detection and response system is the first step in this process. Detecting and responding to endpoint threats, also known as EDR, is a cybersecurity process that gathers and analyses data collected by endpoints, usually workstations and servers. As a result, security threats are identified, including zero-day attacks and fileless malware, that traditional antivirus tools cannot detect, and these threats are dealt with rapidly.

Importance of EDR

Canalys predicts cybersecurity will remain a top priority in 2021, citing the increased threat landscape, new vulnerabilities, and the likelihood of attacks declining. According to Kaseya, in its 2021 IT Operations report, cybersecurity is also a top priority for most IT teams. Cybercrime has prompted companies to adopt stringent security measures to protect their reputations and data. Modern endpoint detection and response systems monitor, detect, fix, and isolate cyber threats. The behavioral analysis capability built into an EDR is one of its most essential features. Through the analysis of endpoint data, the tool helps identify abnormal activity, automate responses to threats and prevent similar threats from occurring in the future.

EDR is a security tool that every business that takes security seriously needs. With EDR, your endpoints are more visible and responsive than traditional security solutions. In addition, EDR tools detect and protect you from advanced malware (for example, polymorphic malware), APT attacks, and phishing attempts where malware is downloaded. A few EDR solutions are also based on AI and machine learning algorithms that detect malware types not yet known and then categorize them based on their behavior.

A cyber attacker can often gain access to your organization's endpoints. It is not surprising that devices are becoming increasingly vulnerable, especially as employees connect to the Internet from off-site endpoints around the globe. A malicious hacker can easily exploit any existing vulnerabilities if the proper cybersecurity measures aren't in place. Consequently, organizations large and small are focusing their efforts on enhancing security tools beyond traditional firewalls and antivirus solutions.

Key components of EDR Security

EDR systems can differ significantly from one vendor to another in their components and features. However, the following features are generally included in an EDR solution:

Data collection at endpoints

Using a software agent installed on each computer, data can be gathered from a wide range of endpoints. EDR vendors often provide a cloud-based platform to collect data from the endpoints.

  • Forensics and Data Analysis

Algorithms and machine learning technology are starting to analyze the collected data in identifying potential irregularities. Several EDR solutions can be considered capable of understanding normal user behavior and operational endpoint actions and making decisions based on this analysis. Additionally, threat intelligence feeds can be aggregated from multiple sources and correlated. Examples of these cyberattacks are provided so that the activity of an organization can be compared to ongoing cyberattacks.

  • Capabilities to hunt for threats

Suspicious events or actions will generate an alert that the security analysts can review easily if they are considered suspicious by the EDR platform.

  • Malicious activity is blocked automatically

By utilizing the automation capabilities in many EDR security solutions, companies can even respond to threats faster since this solution can temporarily isolate infected endpoints from the network so that they do not spread malware.

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