Inception Security Consultants, LLC
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Security Consulting



We can't be experts on every topic, so we rely on subject matter experts when planning projects in unfamiliar areas. Often times the cost of a good consulting firm can reduce you bottom line costs by considerably more than their expense.

We offer Consultations on the following Texas Private Security areas.

  • Electronic Access Control Systems: These include RFID card, bio metric, legacy and other readers. There are currently even systems which allow for mobile credentials-sent directly to your phone!! These systems control access to you facility, can automate tasks such as facility wide lighting.
  • Remote Gate and Facility Services: Have gates several miles away from your control center? We can provide you with the information to solve almost every scenario.
  • Video Surveillance Systems: Large retail stores? Farm and Ranch, City Parks? Residential Gated Communities? Small Office? All of these areas have unique challenges. Using the latest in 3d CAD design, we can near perfectly replicate your environment and com up with mathematically modeled camera recommendations. 
  • Facial Recognition: The future is here! From crime prevention to retail applications; facial recognition is the next step!
  • License Plate Recognition: Need to keep track of traffic? Let us guide you to a perfect solution for you!
  • Surveillance and Access Control Servers and Stations: There are certainly off the shelf solutions, or OEM suggested solutions for NVR and ACS systems. No different than buying a "Medium" sweater at the store, not one size fits all and your solution may greatly benefit with a custom solution. Again, usually for than would be spent on standard systems.
  • Intrusion Detection and Prevention
  • IT and Network Services
  • Remote Networking: Create wireless Mesh networks up to 100 km away with our help!

Information regarding the Texas Private Security Regulations and Contact Information, including information on our licenses can be found here.